The Benefits of Meditation

When people hear the term spirituality, they often think of monks meditating in a beautiful temple, wearing colorful robes. Although that isn’t all spirituality is (although I would like one of those robes) meditation is a big and important part of the practice. You might be wondering how sitting cross legged on the floor can benefit you in life.          Well pexels-photo-372281.jpeghere are some ways:

  • Relieve stress

We all experience some form of stress in our day to day lives. Whether it’s a demanding boss, screaming kids, or running errands. We’re on the go all the time and forget to check in with ourselves. Meditation is proven to reduce stress and anxiety levels in people of all ages. It introduces tranquility and balance into our lives. This can help you manage day to day tasks more effectively.

  • Health

Meditation has also been proven to decrease depression, improve memory, control diabetes, and help stabilize blood pressure. And this isn’t even the half of it! Our bodies have the tools to heal themselves. Concentrated breathing (like Tibetan breathing) is very good at healing us from the inside out. It can relieve toxins from the body, as well as rewire the brain. Amazing right!

  • Universe

The most obvious reason meditation is good for you is it reconnects you to the source, the universe. In some ancient writing the very word breath means soul. The simple act of closing your eyes and breathing generates life force energy. Our bodies vibrations are on the same frequency as the core of the earth. Crazy right! When we meditate, we can recenter ourselves to that vibration and recharge, as well as help add some good vibes to the world (because lets face it we need it!). You can also use meditation to set good intentions out into the universe and help manifest good things you would like to see in your life.

These are just a few of the ways meditation benefits us in life. Grounding yourself is very important. A lot of people are stuck in the same negative cycles in life because they are vibrating on the same low frequency from day to day. We also soak up other peoples negative energy just by a simple touch, or unfriendly altercations. There are other ways to clear yourself and recenter, but meditation is my favorite!

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