What is Spirituality?

Now this is a loaded question. Spirituality in simple terms is a practice of self realization. It is a path one takes alone to reconnect to the source and better themselves as well as the world around them. It is looking within oneself as opposed to searching outwardly. It is freeing oneself from mental and emotional chains. It is the rebirth of your true self. pexels-photo-271605.jpeg

Spirituality comes in many forms from various cultures:

  • African
  • Western
  • East Asian

Those are just a few of the different cultures who practice various forms of spirituality. Regardless of there differences, they all share one common goal; to set your psyche in accord with the universe, and allow everything else to fall into place. To seek self knowledge and grow into the soul you were meant to be.


Are you beginning your own journey? Do you have your own thoughts on what spirituality is? Don’t be afraid to follow and comment!

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