Mudras, Mantras, and Chants..Oh why?


What is a Mantra? A Mantra is a word or sound that helps keep you focused in meditation. It helps ground you in a certain vibration, and keep your mind from straying to random thoughts (I do that all the time).

“OM”, this is a popular Mantra. It vibrates on the same frequency as the earth, so it is perfect for reconnecting to the source energy, as well as lifting your frequency and vibration. “OM”  or “AUM” is connected to the third eye chakra. My personal favorite is “LAM”. It is a grounding Mantra that stimulates the root chakra. It brings me back to the present and makes me feel safe and in control.


A Mudra is another tool that can be used to ground you when practicing meditation. It helps draw energy from certain chakras to clear or open them, as well as bring balance and peace.Chakras-Mudras-Bijas


Chanting is repeatedly uttering a sound or phrase (mantra) that calms you, provides you with a certain vibration, and clears your mind. So, basically repeating a mantra or something positive you would like manifest over and over again, until you get your desired results.

Want to give it a try? Here is a list of popular Mantras and Chants to get you started!

OM Shanti”  Mantra for peace

”Svaha” I am one with God”

”Paramesvari” Supreme divinity (female)

‘MA” Purifies Jealousy

”NI” Purifies Passion

”PAD” Purifies Ignorance

”ME” Purifies Ignorance

”HUM” Purifies Hatred”

”SAT NAM” True You



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