Am I doing this right?

pexels-photo-415380.jpegWe have all been there, having people often project there ideas of what a spiritual person should be like. You then start asking yourself; are they right? Am I doing this wrong? Well i’m here to tell you that there is no right way to do things on this path. This is a journey. On journeys you come across bumps in the road, and lose yourself for a moment. Spirituality is a constant renewal of yourself, your beliefs, and practices. You will go through different cycles, and constantly evolve. Sometimes you will miss the person you were at a certain moment in life, but you still have to move on. Everyday won’t be a good day. You won’t always be in a good mood. Sometimes you will want to be alone, or swap meditating for a glass of wine when you feel overwhelmed. And that’s ok! I have met people who swear by meditating with crystals. I have met people who prefer yoga, and think crystals are weird rocks(I personally love crystals). I have met people who use psychedelics, and others who rather not.

You don’t have to subscribe to what everyone else is doing. The spiritual world is endless! You can find your niche and stick to it, or create your own. There is no wrong way on YOUR path. Don’t let others project there false ideology onto you.  You are still a human being, you can get emotional, lose your cool, or feel down and out. Just don’t settle down and live in your darkness. Brush yourself off and keep going. The journey is yours and yours alone. Travel it how you please.

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