Crystals & Stones

Aren’t they just pretty rocks? This is a question I get asked a lot by both family and friends. Crystals have been a symbol of power for thousands of years. They absorb and transmit energy when used in meditation, healing, or simply being worn. In ancient times each crystal and stone was sacred, and had a special healing property. For example, the Amethyst was once only worn by royalty. Amethyst blocks negative energy, heals, and aids in meditation.

When using crystals, you have to remember to cleanse them. They draw in energy so they have to be cleansed regularly or else it will affect their ability to work properly. Although some crystals are self cleansing, here are a few ways to cleanse:

  • Water
  • Store them in sand
  • Place them in sunlight
  • Sage them
  • Place your crystals all together so they can charge eachother

Crystals can be used to heal and balance chakras, as well as the aura. It is important that you respect your crystals, and take time to meditate and connect with them. When you establish a connection with them, they will listen to you. I personally am very attached to my Lapis Lazuli. I always have a good day when I wear her (yes her), and she brings me immediate serenity and peace. My second favorite crystal, is my Tigers eye. Tigers eye helps promote clarity, commitment, and grounding. I have trouble sticking to one task and always find myself spacing out, so Tigers eye works wonders on me.

Sometimes you may lose your crystal. After a while they move on when they are done. This has happened to me before. They have tremendous powers and should be shared. I have given out crystals to a number of people who have said they really worked for them. Down below are some lists of crystals and their uses. If you don’t own any, I highly recommend you start with your birthstone which is connected to you through a celestial connection. Enjoy!8aa634d16a04761d00142bb9201b051c--rose-quartz-properties-crystal-properties


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