The Three Ruffians

“Thought, Desire, Action, these are the three Ruffians.  These three murderers – perverted thought, uncurbed emotions, and destructive actions bring down the temple of creations in ruins about their own heads.” -Manly Palmer Hall. I know in my last post I said I was going to elaborate on Yoga further. But I changed my mind. What can I say things happen. I thought this was pretty important, and did not want to wait to share it. These three things, thoughts, emotions, and actions, follow us every day.  They are examples of what we should strive not to be. When you think negative thoughts, they lead you to negative emotions, and then later to negative actions, You should watch what you think at all times, because thought turns to action. Many of you already know this. But did you know that what you think becomes energy and then vibration? Even if you don’t mean to, your thought can be set into motion through the universe and made into action. You can create your life. The universe does not decipher between good and bad, or what you want and don’t want. It gives you what you give power to. For example, if you dwell on the negative outcome of something, the universe may give it to you, even if it’s not what you really wanted. What you give energy too, will be your outcome. If you want a positive life, give up ratchet reality t.v. and rap music. Only fill your head and soul with the positive, and you will become the positive.

For example, If you meditate and make your mantra “My dominant intent is to feel good,” then your life will reflect that. We are the architects of our own reality. Think good, believe in good, and good things will happen. Is it really that easy? Yes!

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