Indigos, Crystal children & Lightworkers

pexels-photo-256807.jpegIndigo and Crystal children are the saviours of our world. They came to this planet to  help us raise our vibration and save ourselves from ourselves. Some of these children can even heal with there energy. Some are said to have high intuition, and the gift of the clair senses.

What are the Clairsenses?

  • Clairvoyance (Clear Vision) They can reach into another frequency or realm and use the third eye as an inner sight. They can see the past, present, future, and even see spirits. Meditation can also be used to control this gift.
  • Clairaudience(Clear Hearing) To perceive sounds or words clearly from the spiritual realm. They can bring back messages from beyond. They can easily enter the alpha state, and tune into other vibrations and frequencies that normal people cannot.
  • Clairsentience(Clear Feeling) Receiving a feeling through the body (ever heard of listening to your gut?)
  • Clairempathy(Clear Emotion) or an empath like myself. We can absorb and feel other people’s energy and emotions. We can feel the tones of different auras.

Indigo and Crystal children use their gifts to open humanities heart chakra and spread peace and love to create a more positive environment built on the vibration of love and ascension. They will usher in the Golden age of the planet.

The government and the media have programmed this planet for destruction. We have all had our consciousness watered down, and made to vibrate on negative frequencies due to our music, news, as well as social media. Beautiful and advanced souls have come to save us, and bring us back to Christ Consciousness.

Lightworkers are now awakening. These are souls that have once been Indigo and Crystal children shut down by our repressive and stagnant society. Most of us have gone through depression, anxiety, and a sort of lost phase, due to having forgotten our purpose here, as well as our sense of mission. We got stuck in an repetitive cycle that only serves the lower self. We stress over money, material gain, and vanity.

In the beginning of time we were all right brained oriented beings. We vibrated on love, emotions, enjoyed art, meditation, yoga, magic, and crystals, as well as respected and practiced the Divine Feminine. In today’s society, we are conditioned to be left brained orientated. Vibrating on the male energy associated with violence, power, greed, mathematics, building, dominance, technology, and the ego(sorry men). When the poles shifted, so did our consciousness into the “New Age.” Indigos and lightworkers are being sent and awakened to change this, and reconnect us to our true selves.

A lot of Indigos and Lightworkers are diagnosed with ADD or ADHD. They become overly active when there energy is out of alignment. They are given drugs by doctors that dull there gifts, and lower there vibration. A natural way to deal with realignment is meditation, the use of crystals, and drinks high in sugar.

With the rise of Indigos, Crystal children, and Lightworkers, we will break through thousands of years of conditioning, and unify as one heart chakra once again.

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