Paths To a More Meaningful Life

pexels-photo-256807.jpegA lot of people want a more meaningful life. If you are like me, you often believe there is more to life than what meets the eye. Well in this post I am going to tell you some tricks, and tips to help you live a more meaningful life:


  • Do something meaningful with your time. Meditate, or read a new book. Something that will open horizons and increase your intelligence. Study politics, a new language, meditation, or different styles of yoga. You will gain knowledge, and who regrets getting smarter than their friends?

Nurture Passions

  • Do you have a hobby? If not maybe you should consider getting one. You can find a hobby in the arts. A hobby can keep you focused and stress free. For instance, my hobby was writing poetry, playing my guitar, and sketching. Now I enjoy writing my blog. A hobby lets you explore different ideas in life, as well as express yourself, as well as your many talents.

Be social

  • If you’re like me, being social can be hard. Being social can be a challenge because we don’t express ourselves that much. Expressing yourself can be scary because people can be super judgemental these days. But you should never give up on yourself. Writing, singing, rapping, drawing, or photography is a great way to express yourself. As well as starting a blog. I did!

Be Positive

  • Always stay positive. The universe responds to both negative and positive energy alike. So it is best to stay optimistic. Don’t ever expect anything, but always keep a positive mindset. In other words “release control, and go with the flow.”

Retrain the mind

Think positive thoughts. Let go of your old way of seeing things and dealing with conflicts. Look at everything as a blessing in disguise. Observe your thoughts because they turn into actions. Choosing a mantra is also great to sooth the mind, and help you refocus(see my mantra and mudra post). Do something new today that you normally don’t do. Clean your house or room, go run errands you have been putting off.

Having a positive life is up to you. Only you can make the changes. Always remember, never let anyone else’s mood and attitude affect your mood and energy. a person can only make you feel inferior if you let them!

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