Ancient Kemet(Egypt)

Ancient egyptians arguably started the spiritual process.  They also created a pantheon of gods that are followed until this day. The Europeans tooks this African ideology and turned into its own, as can be seen in Greek mythology.  Since the prehistoric age, Egyptians believed that all aspects of life were controlled by supernatural powers. One important religious concept was the creation of the universe. For the Egyptians, creation was an act of generation, represented by the yearly flooding of the Nile River. Each day was also considered a repetition of the act of creation. As the sun, represented by Atum, traveled across the sky to rise and set and begin the cycle again, so the Egyptians felt assured that the created order of their world was eternal and ongoing.

Unlike modern religions, which are based on a set of theological principles, the ancient Egyptian religion was concerned with interactions between people and their gods, the ethics of dealing with others, and the performance of spiritual duties. The universe was believed to work according to a strict eternal law, Ma’at, which means Right or Balance. For the Egyptian, the universe functioned with predictability and regularity. In the moral sphere, purity was rewarded and sin was punished. Man had to subdue his desires and actions to that law in order to live a good life so that society would be on the right track.

You also had to give daily sacrifices to the specific god you wanted to work for you (Aset or Isis liked milk or incense and candles.) The modern Christian saints and god are created after the Black African Egyptian Gods of  Egypt and Nubia.  Ancient Kemet or Egypt, was not the first, but apart of a long line of African societies that had its spirituality stolen from its base.  Aset or Isis was turned into Mary Jesus’s Mother, and the story of the virgin birth was taken from the african Aset and Osiris. Noah’s ark comes from the story of king Utnapishtim. The story of Abel and Cain comes from Asar and set. the tree of Knowledge comes from the story of king  Ramses praying for him to send a women and so on and so on. I don’t know why it is so hard to believe that Africa has more to offer than slavery. Africa’s history is not slavery. Slavery interrupted african history, and the African was born with its third eye open. What would you like for me to write about next?

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