Divine Feminine (Goddess Energy)

woman-spreading-arms-minTo connect to the feminine you must first acknowledge your pain, anger, all the things you bottle up inside. Us women have adapted to the masculine ideals. Our magic snuffed out long ago. We once had temples, and priestesses, our own sacred practices. We have always been divine, the creators of life.  Our society has accepted masculine thinking, and values, and have abandoned our deep true selves. We are the counterpart to the divine masculine through thought, and actions, and breath.


In ancient times as i’ve stated above, we had priestesses and temples. Our own sets of rituals, finding divine love, understanding, expression, supported by a higher power. A priestess looks within as a oracle who divines truth by looking within. For example, in ancient Egypt there were priestess of Isis or Goddess Aset, goddess of the night. She was kind, a mother, a nurturer. Not a deity, but a representation of all women tapped into her intuition, instead of relying on power outside of ourselves which make us slaves to the world. The priestess would teach seekers how to connect with the goddess within, and make contact with our spirit guides. The same with the priestess of Hathor, and so on. The had to purify themselves, and dance, sing, and light incense.


A lot of people assume feminine energy is only within women. This is in fact not true. We all have masculine and feminine energy within us. Also known as ying and yang, shakti and shiva.

The left side of the body is related to feminine, the right is related to masculine.

How to connect to the Feminine

  1. Pink Himalayan Salt lamps: the soft pink glow uplift the mood,  and activate the divine feminine, while purifying the air.
  2. Feet to earth: Grounding your bare feet into the earth helps us connect to mother nature and uplift us to the divine feminine.
  3. Crystals are also a great tool. Heart chakra crystals and stones like rose quartz work very well.
  4. Spa day: taking care of yourself and tapping into your own beauty helps uplift you, and feel the goddess within!
  5. An alter is also an amazing tool. A place where you can light candles and incense while meditating. Don’t forget to protect your sacred space with sage, palo santo and a quick prayer.

The divine feminine is a very important part of knowing ourselves and delving into the higher self. How do you connect to your higher feminine? What were thoughts on this post? Drop a comment!


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