Music and The Mind

music-notesDid you know the type of music you listen to can affect your mental state? Yes! Today’s music is made at 440 Hz (the vibrations by seconds). But there were artists like Bob Marley, and Beethoven, who made music in 432 Hz. What is the difference? When you listen to a Bob Marley at 432hz you feel good, relaxed, happy. When you listen to a song at 440 hz (any of today’s rap), you feel “hype”, aggressive, low level vibrations. In fact, a study was done in prison where the guards played classical music in 432 hz and the crime rates lowered. When they played music in 440 hz the crime rates went back up. The inmates displayed more aggression, and violence.

Music in 432 hz is consistent with the vibration of the Universe. It transmits healing because it is the pure vibration aligned with nature, and source. Some people go as far as to say that the people in power changed the standard of music from 432 to 440 hz in order to control the minds of the masses. To lower our consciousness and keep us aggressive, in a state of negative vibrations, and keep us divided. Keeping us a slave to lower frequency and feed on our self destruction. When you are removed from the sacred vibration you are easier to influence by the media, and different outside forces. When in our lower state we are kept from being our true lightworker selves, and unable to heal.

Music in 440 hz can stimulate the 3rd eye negatively, and effect the way you think. Music at 432 hz can stimulate the heart chakra and affect your feelings in a positive vibration. Feeling a little skeptical? Next time you go to listen to your favorite song, listen to a song in 432 hz afterwards and see if you feel a difference. Spend the rest of today and tomorrow listening to songs only in 432 hz and see how your day goes. What was your mood like? Where you more relaxed? More productive? Let me know on my instagram @vibeetribe (link on the homepage). As always thank you for reading!


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